The Czech Republic

Prague - Czech Republic

is a young European state originated in 1993 i. the continuity on former Czechoslovakia. The Czech Republic is made by three historical countries: Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. This area is about 79.000 square kilometers and has more than 10 milliones inhabitants.

The Czech Republic resumes the pre-War Czechoslovakia, risen in 1918 after breaking Austria-Hungary up, in economic and social life. Czechoslovakia - so called the First Republic-finished its existence with the Munich Agreement in 1938 but ist basic politic principles, standing on the first president T. G. Masaryk's spiritual legacy, survived six years Nazi-occupation and forty years long experiment to substitue the real democracy with the govemment of total type. Contemporary Czech Republic is on the complicated way trying to recover democracy, free thinking, the economic increasing and incorporating into the European politic and economic structures as well.

The Czech Republic is a typical inland state surrounded by many mountain ranges as a natural. frontier. These mountain s aren't too high - the average above sea level is about. 1400 m - but are covered with forests and meadows giving visitors a lot of nice views. Good marked paths lead a tourist through this beautiful countryside, A heavy network of good roads and railways connects the lowland around towns and rivers with the under-mountain areas of Giant Mountains, Eagle Mountains, Krušné and Jizerské Mountains and Šumava in Bohemia and Jeseníky and Beskydy mountains in Moravia. A good number of tourist centres with hotels and mountain huts make good conditions for winter and summer staying for skiing, tourism and cycling.

The Czech Republic is the main European water-shed and many boating men like rivers Vltava, Ohoe, Berounka, Lužnice, Sázava, Orlice, Morava. In the southem Bohemia there are thousands of ponds. Not only fisher-men like the area but it is a good place for recreation and swimming, too. You can find a lot sandstone rocks in the northem Bohemia, so called Bohemian Paradise. This area is attended by many tourists and climbers. The divers and sport-speleologists like Moravian Cars around the abbys Macocha with its underground river Punkva.

Near Prague there you can find beautiful places in the nature reservations and old Gothic castles Karlštejn, Zvíkov and Orlík.

Some old towns with their historic character as Telč, Český Krumlov, Tábor or Kutná Hora attracts visitors, too. They belong to the world cultural heritage and are on the UNESCO list.

The Czech Republic has no sea, no high mountains but in spite of this fact belongs to the countries admired by tourists all over the attracts with amount of well-kept historical memorables as well, as recreations centres in the mountains or the water areas or spas. It is very suitable place for the restful holiday in the picturesque countryside and you will go home full of many unforgettable impressions.

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